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Date: 01/12/2021
Location: CUR
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Buy the first cryptoart made in Curacao!

What is cryptoart?

Imagine: Picasso paints a canvas and signs it. Because it is scarce and unique, this canvas is worth millions. Meanwhile, the same image recreated as a limited-edition fine art print is less valuable, a postcard in the gift shop even less, and endless reproductions of the image on the internet obtainable for free.

Digital art is endlessly multipliable without loss of quality. Cryptoart works by adding a unique and indelible signature to a digital file, called tokenizing” or “minting” it on the blockchain — a technology that acts like a permanent ledger or registry distributed across many computers instead of a central one. This non-fungible token (aka NFT) represents a value of scarcity for the associated artwork. The token holder can enjoy that value or sell or gift it to someone else, but only those who hold the token can “own” that particular blockchain-signed artwork.

The market for cryptoart has been growing quickly. Tokenized artworks are traded in cryptocurrency, which can be converted to normal currency like dollars or Euro—what crypto users call “fiat.”*

Now we sell the first cryptoart made by an artist in Curaçao. More info you can find if you click on the url below.

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Willemstad, Curaçao
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